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2 Things You Must Know Before Choosing a GPU

2 Things You Must Know Before Choosing a GPU

So you’ve heard that you need a GPU to accelerate your creative workflow. While it’s true that for most digital creative workflows, GPU’s play a vital role in doubling, tripling, or in some cases, 10x-ing the speeds of workflows, what’s the right GPU for you?

Here are two things you MUST consider to even USE your GPU:

Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) Type:

Most modern graphics cards are made by AMD, Intel, or NVIDIA. All of them work, but NVIDIA GPU’s are supported by a broader range of computer graphics software such as Adobe and Maxon Cinema 4D. If you use a motherboard by AMD, an AMD graphics card may give you better performance; however, if the software is incompatible with AMD’s GPU architecture, it cannot be used anyway. Doublecheck whether or not your software can even take advantage of GPU rendering in the first place and whether it only supports a specific brand of GPUs.

Video Card Bus Type:

Older PCs will have Advanced Graphics Port (AGP) bus slots for installing graphics cards. Modern PCs have x16 Peripheral Component Interface Express (PCI-E or PCIe) as the standard method to connect the graphics card into the motherboard. PCI-Express offers double the data transfer speed of AGP, so it’s ideal to use the PCI-E slots. Verify what sort of bus slots your PC has before buying a card.

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